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Black Tourmaline

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A shamanic, protective stone, AKA The Bodyguard.

  • Protection against psychic energy (bad vibes form people) and EMFs (bad vibes from electronics, such as computers, phones etc).
  • An all-round energy cleanser for anywhere in your home. Also great to carry in your pocket or place in the car.
  • Stabilising & grounding.
  • A wonderful purifier.
  • Cleanse regularly under moonlight, in natural running water or using intention with assistance from your guides (simply state “I ask that this crystal be cleared of all negative and harmful energies, which I send to source”, for example.

If you are drawn to a certain crystal, trust that above all else! Your intuition will not eat you astray. This can be as simple as finding one particular crystal more beautiful than any other on a particular day.

We intuitively select the crystal for your individual order.

Please note that size and colour will vary.

Approx sizes:

Smallest: 25-30mm, 13g

Small - 30-35mm, 25g

Medium - 30-40mm, 40g

Large - 40-45mm, 65g

XL - 45-55mm, 105g