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Fire Ammonites

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Shimmering red, green and purple, these 100% natural iridescent ammonites are cretaceous crystalised fossils and over 120 million years old.

These incredibly beautiful crystalised fossils speak to the spiral healing path; particularly useful when revisiting old patterns and wounds once again to heal at ever deepening and expanding levels.

If you are on the conscious path, you will be aware that familliar issues circle back around at times of profound change. These can be challenging and painful periods, but know that with each curve of healing, you will break through to ever greater and more expansive periods of release, beauty and creation.

They are wonderful allies and amplifiers in the art of manifestation for the highest good of all. Create the song of your heart with this powerful reminder in your pocket, or a prized place in your home.

Species: Mahajanga from Madagascar.

Approx dimensions:

Diameter taken from the widest point.

Small: 2.5cm diameter

Medium: 3cm diameter

Large: 3.5cm diameter

XL: 4cm diameter

XXL: 5cm diameter