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This is a 23 card oracle deck based on the traditional major arcana of the tarot from Devon-based occult artist, Nomi McLeod.

Nomi’s work has been featured in ‘Hourglass’ the Extinction Rebellion newspaper, the novel ‘Our Lady of the Dark Country’ by Sylvia Linsteadt, Wyrd and Wyse zine, and the Magpie Magazine special ‘Viriditas’.

“This project began as a personal one. I wanted to create an in-depth oracle deck for my own use. I’ve used traditional tarot and oracle cards since I was a teenager, as an integral part of my magical and divinatory practices. Recently I felt that I needed something new and a bit different to guide me.

Having always felt that the cards of the major arcana sequence of traditional tarot were the most powerful, I decided to create a deck using only these.

So, over the last year and a bit (drawing in between looking after my children, often late in the evening) I have been visioning and creating.“

– Nomi McLeod