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Indigo Gabbro (AKA Mystic Merlinite) Palmstones

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These babies are powerful! They display a beautiful, shimmering array of colours from pale indigo to black.

  • Assist in retrieving clear messages from dreams & meditations.
  • Intuitive learning & connection with your higher consciousness.
  • DEEP inner excavation work; Assistance in dealing with problematic memories, issues and patterns that you’d rather keep hidden away.
  • Assistance in recognising how your darkest aspects also intertwine with your highest self.

If you are drawn to a certain crystal, trust that above all else! Your intuition will not eat you astray. This can be as simple as finding one particular crystal more beautiful than any other on a particular day.

We intuitively select the crystal for your individual order.

Please note that size and colour will vary.

Approx size: 60mm/100g.