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Rose Quartz Points

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These points are of exceptionally beautiful color and clarity, making their energy particularly clear & powerful.

  • Universal & Unconditional love.
  • Returns the heart to its highest frequency, helping to open to new love and strengthen existing relationships.
  • Soothing in times of loss or grief.
  • Assistance in accepting past situations, healing from emotional wounds and returning to a place of trust, which is essential for moving forward.
  • Once you’ve healed, Rose Quartz cracks your heart open to allow new love in.
  • A powerful stone for self-love practice.

If you are drawn to a certain crystal, trust that above all else! Your intuition will not eat you astray. This can be as simple as finding one particular crystal more beautiful than any other on a particular day.

We intuitively select the crystal for your individual order.

Please note that size and colour will vary.

Approx dimensions: Small - 545g/55mm, Medium - 70g/70-80mm, Large = 100g/90-105mm.